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Snowden on the James
"Snowdonia on the James" owned by Jim and Teresa Tyson Radford, was built in 2005 on land that is a part of historic Snowden, a  1300-acre tract once owned by Thomas Jefferson's father, Peter.   His property on the Rivanna River was left to Thomas, the elder son, on which he would later build Monticello.  The younger son, Randolph, inherited the estate named "Snowden," from a region in north Wales known today as Eryri-Snowdonia.  The Welsh word, "Eryri" means "place of the eagles."  "Snowdonia" is its English translation. 

Randolph Jefferson's home was originally built on a bluff in Buckingham County overlooking Scottsville in the "Horseshoe Bend" of the James River.  It burned in the mid-1800s, and was re-built farther back and higher up.  This house passed down through four families before it was purchased in 1970 by Teresa's parents, Earl and Betty Tyson, who live there presently.   Restoration work is now underway at Snowden, with a long term goal of establishing a tourism and event venue.

View more about this historic property by visiting the Scottsville Museum Web site.


Eryri Cottage

Riverbluff Gazebo
The Riverbluff Gazebo
We had a great long weekend at your beautiful home. We went to Monticello, Montpelier, a wine tasting and even went to see a movie and do some shopping. Since we live on a very busy street in New Jersey we enjoyed the quietness. The deer every morning were an added treat.
G. & E.

What a retreat! I live in the city but I'm a country girl, so this has been sooooo.. refreshing. Thank you for sharing this with us. So much peace and serenity!! You have covered all bases as far as commodities. Would recommend highly.

Many thanks,